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avebury pub.jpg (37062 bytes)           avebury2.jpg (19825 bytes)
Avebury Pub and Stone Circles

avebury3.jpg (45475 bytes)          avebury4.jpg (48730 bytes)
These are some of the stones that comprise the stone circles.


stonehenge.jpg (18211 bytes)


cathedral1.jpg (26493 bytes)                               salisbury.jpg (36687 bytes)
Salisbury Cathedral and a street in Salisbury

cathedral3.jpg (33744 bytes)          salisbury museum.jpg (30895 bytes)
The exterior of Salisbury Cathedral and the Salisbury Museum

Roman Baths of Bath

baths1.jpg (20122 bytes)          baths5.jpg (23952 bytes)

baths6.jpg (28979 bytes)          baths10.jpg (40914 bytes)

baths3.jpg (20654 bytes)          baths7.jpg (24540 bytes)


Warwick Castle

castle4.jpg (27743 bytes)          castle3.jpg (30920 bytes)

castle5.jpg (27042 bytes)                               castle6.jpg (36440 bytes)

castle2.jpg (21288 bytes)          castle9.jpg (31304 bytes)


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